Dharma Yoga Nantucket

Personalized instruction in Classical Hatha Yoga
to students of all ages and levels of experience.


A Transformative Space

Not a day goes by that a student at the YogaBarn doesn’t comment on how the space has had a transformative effect on their practice of Yoga. Certified Yoga Instructor Ted Burnham would agree. For 20 years he has been meditating daily on this very spot. He is joined by his wife Joann, also a Certified Yoga Instructor.

It was in 1991 that Ted, an island resident, was looking for a new home when a good friend guided him to the property. Right away he knew it was special and after moving into the house, began work on a barn, which he envisioned as a painting studio. Ted designed and helped build the barn according to Vedic principles, which allow for a free flow of energy and a proximity to nature.

Designed as a private, appointment-only sanctuary that accommodates between one and six students at a time, the YogaBarn is an extraordinary place to deepen your practice. One-on-one and in small groups, Ted and Joann provide essential personalized instruction in breathing techniques, alignment, and posture modification. The calming energy of the space allows students to escape the stresses and pressures of their lives outside the Barn in order to focus on achieving their individual goals, such as the mastery of a particular pose or the ability to sustain a deep meditation.

From the abundant feedback they receive from their clients, as well as their own experience in practicing at the YogaBarn, Ted and Joann have come to appreciate the space as a place where one can find his or her inner confidence and connect with their true self.

YogaBarn Photographs by Rachel Fabiszak Photography http://rachelfabiszakphotography.com/