Aerial Yoga

Aerial Yoga Classes

Aerial Yoga takes traditional yoga postures and incorporates them using “swings” that hang from the ceiling. The swing enables you to stretch more deeply and to sustain challenging postures for a longer period of time.

Aerial Yoga, Gravity Yoga, Anti-Gravity Yoga, Yoga Inversion Therapy…what’s the difference? A name. These classes all involve the use of the swing. Methodology and personal teaching techniques will vary from studio to studio and from teacher to teacher.

The swing can provide:

A fun & freeing experience.
Strong Support in challenging postures involving balance and focus.
Decompression of the Spine.
A release of built up tension.
A test of patience and trust.
An increase in strength & flexibility.
Aerial Yoga is truly a complete mind, body, spirit experience.

Aerial Yoga

In this class we will get to know our swing. Beginner students often leave saying, “I felt like a kid on the playground again!” In this class we incorporate the swing to include traditional yoga poses with deep stretching and balancing as well as flying, cannonball swinging, and inversions (hanging upside down) to lengthen the spine & release the mind. Working on the swing can be a blissful experience. We encourage you to channel your inner 6 year old.


This class will utilize the most supportive and versatile prop there is…our yoga swing. All postures will utilize the aerial swing to support the body in addition to blocks, bolsters, and blankets to eliminate unnecessary straining to create a very relaxing & meditative practice. Emphasis will be placed on melting your body into each pose to release tension and release stored stress. This practice is suitable for all including absolute beginners.

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Aerial Yoga takes place in YogaBarn located mid island 1 mile from Bartlett’s Farm 81 Somerset Road Nantucket MA 02554.